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Summer camps are an important and critical part of children's development. It is through these social experiences that children are able to relate, support and discover their innate abilities.

OV KIDS Summer Camp aims to promote, preserve and improve every child's camp holistic experience through the merging of discovering their own interest in a multicultural and inclusive perspective.

We have planted the seeds optimism and values as they build and strengthen their critical skills, prior knowledge at an early age. 

Through team work, individualized instruction, self direction and opportunity for exploration, we aspire to embark the beginning of our journey. 

OV KIDS is an individualized plan that strives to connect and enrich parents and children through a selection of activities in which children will connect and develop to areas of interests and will build upon their own experiences.
Lugar: Hacienda Kalina ***Prolongacion Padres las Casas # 128-Santiago .

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